Who We Are

At Haslett Financial, we realized a long time ago that one person can’t do it all.  It is impossible to be an expert in all things.  The financial services industry is particularly challenging in this regard due to its many facets – insurance, investments, financial planning – and with the constant changes taking place both by regulation and product enhancements.  There are just not enough hours in the day to be proficient in all areas, while also providing exceptional customer service.   Which is why at Haslett Financial we have adapted a team approach to allow us to do just that.  Each of our advisors and staff has a specific role and focus on performing their job to the best of their ability.  This allows us to provide unparalleled advice and service to our clients.  In addition, we have specialized in working within the healthcare field which means we have the expertise and experience dealing with the issues, both personal and financial, that healthcare professionals face.  Our clients are unique, and so are we.


“We look forward to meeting and working with you, and providing you
with a comprehensive and unbiased approach to insurance and financial planning”